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USA: High-Tech 7-Eleven Opens in New York’s Financial District

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7-Eleven has opened a new high-tech store in the heart of New York’s financial district, just months after returning to the Manhattan market.

7-Eleven’s new branch boasts touch-screen ordering, free Wi-Fi, a huge flat-screen TV and even an Amazon Locker — a kiosk where Amazon customers can pick up their online-ordered goods.

The new 7-Eleven outlet appears more cafe-like than convenience store, with seating space to cater to approximately 25 people.The streamlined branch also offers some healthier menu options, including multi-grain sandwiches, egg whites and specialty salads, all ordered at just the touch of a screen.

The store also has a large-screen television that displays the weather, subway delays, sports statistics and stock information. Lena Huang, manager of 7-Eleven’s Digital Guest Experience, said the new ordering screens, television and Amazon Locker were part of a strategy meant to enhance the store's ‘hangout’ vibe. “I want to make sure that people want to come back," Huang said. "We want to make it everyone’s neighbourhood store — that’s the idea.”

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